Knowing God

“WOW” isn’t quite articulate enough, so let me try and put some thoughts on screen about my reactions while reading this classic by J.I. Packer. I just finished chapters seven and eight: “God Unchanging” and “The Majesty of God”. “God Unchanging” addresses the dismaying disconnect many of us experience when reading the Bible. “But as … More Knowing God

Love and Respect

Reuben, Reuben, I’ve been thinkin’  What a grand world this would be  If the men were all transported  Far beyond the Northern Sea!  Then Reuben comes back with his rebuttal to Rachel. And round and round they go. Truly–where they’ll stop nobody knows! This children’s song has been around since 1871, training us in the … More Love and Respect

Encouragement Cards

Here’s an experiment. I’d like to give you these encouraging Scripture cards that I made. If this works, I’ll make a bunch of them available to download on my website. I think you can click and drag the image or hold your finger on the image and save it. Use them as you wish. Let me … More Encouragement Cards