2019 Note to Self

I don’t do selfies and I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. So this is more of a Note to Self. Maybe it resonates with you too. So here’s what I want to think about more in 2019. See the good side of things. I had a friend who said that people who go about whistling … More 2019 Note to Self

PAUSE to Reflect

Time in this crazed holiday schedule to hit the PAUSE button and take time to reflect. Why do we do Christmas? Expectations. Traditions of family gatherings that are more often stressful than wonderful. Compelled along by the commercial flow, much like an inexorable river of lava that stops for no one. Joy. Hope for peace … More PAUSE to Reflect

Giving Thanks

The bounty we enjoy is truly amazing—whether a full Thanksgiving dinner or a crust of bread—whether rich or poor—we have eternal life with Christ. I don’t understand why there are hungry people in this world. I don’t understand why children suffer. I don’t understand war. Dementia. Poverty. Cancer. Abuse. Addiction. Injustice…and all the other ills … More Giving Thanks