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(and a wee cookbook)


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A Wee Scottish Cookbook

Feast on twenty recipes inspired by the Highland romance novel “Love Inherited.” This companion cookbook spans the meals of a Highlander’s day from breakfast to a drink by the fire. But more than serving up food, the author folds in tidbits to place dishes in context of the story and the Scottish culture. Beginning with humble porridge, there are soups to warm the tummy, a hearty stew, main dish pies, and chicken drenched in liqueur. Vegetables, bread, oatcakes, delectable desserts, and a centuries old whisky concoction round out the twenty recipes. In “A Wee Scottish Cookbook,” ingredients are given in US and UK measurements for cooks on both sides of the pond.


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Love Inherited

Love is a disaster for China MacLeish.

Her fiancé walks out. She hasn’t heard from her mother in two years. She’s creeping up on middle age. And she’s fuming.

Then her life gets weird.

A letter arrives informing her she has inherited an estate in the Highlands of Scotland from an unknown uncle. But she must live in the manor for one year before the property—and a lot of money—is hers. Hopping mad about disrupting her career, she leaves Chicago and friends behind to try to survive in seldom-sunny Scotland, only to discover secrets her mother kept from her—family secrets.

But when China meets her neighbor Duncan Sinclair, Laird of Fionnloch, she’s torn apart. She doesn’t know whether he’s a friend, a man with too much emotional baggage, or a Highland dream come true. 

Could her life and love get any more complicated and confusing?


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Fifty Days to Sunrise

Her life is a love story, but then…What’s a woman to do when her husband dies three thousand miles from home? Scream, cry—or run.

It’s a year and a half after her husband’s death. Fifty-three years old and alone, Lissa Maguire’s seething with grief. She has to cope but makes a self-destructive mess of it.

Lissa’s parents ask her to spend the summer in small-town Gifford, Minnesota, helping them move to an apartment. Cleaning out the attic of her childhood home, Lissa discovers her old diaries, and her potholed road to healing begins.

But when an old friend turns up, she’s confused…and surprised.


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Candid Conversations

Cristine Eastin is a contributing author.

Life isn’t always sunshine and chocolate. It’s hard. Being a Christian doesn’t change that.

In Candid Conversations you’ll read real life stories from real Christian women, and how God has used their struggles to either refine their faith or used their faith to help them weather the storm.…these women lay it all out. They aren’t afraid to get real, because they know God can use their struggles to inspire, encourage, and reach others all for His glory.