“Candid Conversations” Release Day August 13th

Life is hard. That’s why Heather Hart, founder of the #CandidlyChristian movement, compiled the anthology Candid Conversations in which twenty-five women share stories of their struggles. God doesn’t intend for us to struggle alone. The Bible calls us to encourage one another as Paul did in his letters to the Corinthians. We’re to encourage, edify, exhort, … More “Candid Conversations” Release Day August 13th

Scottish Shortbread, Recipe for Delicious

I’ve written a companion cookbook to Love Inherited, but before it’s published in October, I’ll blog a few of the recipes. The cookbook is written for American and British cooks in US and UK measurements. Let’s start with something sweet! SCOTTISH SHORTBREAD The perfect bit of something to go along with your tea or coffee, this … More Scottish Shortbread, Recipe for Delicious

New Connections

What’s the point of connecting? With all our social media we can still feel—disconnected. Connecting is a process that happens inside out—it’s a result of who a person is and what they do. I have an absolute passion for encouraging women. It’s why I write. And why I’ve worked as a psychotherapist for decades. I … More New Connections