A Mystery in Corfu

This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart was published in 1964 but is as gripping now as it was fifty-four years ago. Lucy Waring, a so-so actress licking her wounds from a flop on the London stage, visits her sister, married into a wealthy family with an estate on the Greek island of Corfu. It seems … More A Mystery in Corfu

Giving Thanks

The bounty we enjoy is truly amazing—whether a full Thanksgiving dinner or a crust of bread—whether rich or poor—we have eternal life with Christ. I don’t understand why there are hungry people in this world. I don’t understand why children suffer. I don’t understand war. Dementia. Poverty. Cancer. Abuse. Addiction. Injustice…and all the other ills … More Giving Thanks

Cookbook Error Alert!

This is embarrassing, but I just made a batch of the Oatcakes from my recently-released A Wee Scottish Cookbook…and I found an error! If you already ordered the cookbook, please make the following correction on the Oatcakes recipe: 1/4-1/3 cup hot water. Add slowly until just moistened. This is a bit of a mystery since I … More Cookbook Error Alert!