Cornwall, Poldark Country

Treyarnon Bay

On a recent trip to England, friends and I took a side trip to the Cornish coast for three days of walking, eating, talking, and resting. What a delight. My third time in Cornwall and hopefully, not my last.

We stayed in an apartment at Trevose Golf & Country Club with only a links golf course between us and the sea.

This is Poldark country. Fans of the BBC TV show will recognize the rugged slate coast and the rolling waves. Think Ross Poldark walking out of the surf…well, never mind. The show is filmed in locations all over Cornwall, which is a county along the southwest coast of England. There’s nothing between Cornwall and Newfoundland but the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Constantine Bay

Constantine Bay beach is close to the perfect beach for a walk. Wide and sandy, there were hardly any people, even if it was a bank holiday weekend.

I love the constantly changing colors of the sea. In broody light the waves build to a wall of steel green before cresting and whumping over with the powerful roar that draws me.


Walking is one of my pleasures while in England. The South West Coast Path runs on from Constantine Bay, and we walked to Trevose Head, the land mass rising in the photo below. The tide was out about 100 yards, exposing outcroppings of slate that looked like lounging walruses. The blues and greens of the sky and sea shown for two glorious days.


For a perspective on the waves, here’s a photo of surfers. And this wasn’t a high surf day. I confess, I’d rather be by or on the ocean than in it. 


A perfect end to our lovely stay in Cornwall was the view from our dining table in the Clubhouse restaurant. Dinner with friends overlooking the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Cornwall, Poldark Country

  1. I’m reading (for about the 4th time) a romance/suspense set in Cornwall. And two books from one of my favorite children’s series (The Dark is Rising) are set in Cornwall. All three books combine with your photos and text to make it tops on my list of “I’d go there if I could afford the boat.”

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    1. What’s the title of the romance/suspense?
      Boat!? I’m reading “A Fine Romance” by Susan Branch, per your recommendation. Going across the pond on the Queen Mary 2 sounds luxurious…and SO boring! Fly! Then you get the fun of jet lag. 😉


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