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Coffee, Please.

Let’s take a break from the travelogue, of which there are three more parts.

And talk about COFFEE.

Morning coffee-making has changed radically over the years. I remember when it was a percolator on the stove, and the formula was 8, 8, and 8—eight cups of water, eight teaspoons of coffee, perked for eight minutes. Then came the electric percolator. Plug it in and come back for coffee.

Then the advent of the drip coffee maker. Great! Except the hunt was then on for what brand of coffee maker made coffee I actually liked.

Then came the frustration of heating elements going out and glass carafes breaking.

I succumbed to paying $50 for a replacement carafe once! When that pot broke I fritzed out and looked for an alternative way of making coffee—GOOD coffee.

Being old and crotchety, I looked back to the good old days and bought an electric percolator. Yeah, what was so great about those days? Metallic-tasting coffee? But we adapted; we’d paid out the money.

But then we came to the end of our rope with so-so coffee. I mean, if your cup of joe doesn’t grab your attention first thing in the morning, what’s the point? If I wanted coffee-flavored dishwater I could get that cheaper out of the sink.

What to do? The search for a new coffee making system was on AGAIN. I won’t bore you with all the details of the quest, and believe me, it’s boring. Coffee making has gone nuts: all these high-priced, single-serving gizmos, and so many bells and whistles, gaskets and pumps to go bad.

Solution: my husband hit on it. Twice-perked coffee. Twice-baked potatoes are good, so why not twice-perked coffee? Dave makes the coffee before he goes to bed, lets it perk three or four minutes and unplugs it. Then he lets it go through the full perk cycle in the morning. Voila! Good, strong coffee! Strong enough to mask the metallic taste. So we’re keeping the stainless steel percolator and saved the $100 of a “coffee station.”

You’re rolling your eyes, I know. But you should see me without coffee.