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Hopes and Dreams

Time to take stock. I launched this blog in June 2012, and my Facebook personal page and community page, Full Pitcher Christian Women, on Christmas Day 2012. What have I learned? Why do it?

I have a big dream—to reach Christian women around the globe with messages of insight and encouragement. I have no illusions that my efforts are unique or special—there are thousands of sites such as mine—but I always did like singing in a choir.

What I’ve learned:

  • You readers are shy with Likes, Comments, and Shares. I get that in this crazy cyber age of assaults on our privacy. However, let me give you what assurances I can. Before I approve a comment on my blog I edit out last names unless you tell me you want traffic to your blog or url, so there isn’t a cyber trail to you that I’m aware of. On Facebook my understanding is that if you lock down your privacy settings, no one can get past your FB front door, even if they see your name on a Comment. Please correct me if I’m wrong. So, if you’re comfortable, Like, Comment, and Share away.
  • You like photos. So do I. Feel free to share and plaster my copyrighted photos all over the place in any free application.
  • You like short articles or snippets. This seems especially true on Facebook where the News Feed goes by so fast and there’s so much to read. And, the universal lament, so little time.
  • You really are friends. I admit to being a cyber grinch at heart, skeptical of cyber relationships. But I’ve learned they are what they are, and they are something of value. That’s YOU.
  • Some of you readers are men. That’s great too. Though Full Pitcher Christian Women is intended for women, men are welcome to have a look. After all, it’s not a bad thing to have men learn more about our thoughts, our hearts, our needs. My blog is more gender neutral and guy-friendly.

Why do this social media thing?

  • It’s a ministry to you. Plain and simple: if you don’t benefit from it, there’s no point. Any feedback you have for me on what works, what doesn’t work, would be appreciated. If you want to keep it private, Message me.
  • It exercises my writing muscles. This is the part for me—writers write, and social media is a great platform for writing.  I’ve written a novel for Christian women that I’ll be letting you know about in the next few months, as soon as I find out how it fared in this year’s contest at The Christian Writers Guild.

You’ll notice that “you” appears many times in these taking-stock thoughts. You are why I do this. You are the key to spreading the word. So thank YOU.

2013, A New Year

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 11.03.31 AMIt’s a new year. All the holiday hype is over, and we can settle down and get on with it. If I hear one more bit about shopping I think I’m going to scream—CHRIST-mas! Seems like we have to dig through quite a discarded pile of wrapping paper to find Christ in Christmas anymore. But that’s another soapbox for another time.

2013 is new for me. I’ve taken a leap off the social media cliff and started a Facebook Page. The few times I was brave enough to jump off the high board at the pool I had to remember to hold my nose or get a snootful. So here goes.

Full Pitcher Christian Women—that’s my Facebook Page. If you click on the link in the top right widget, you’ll zoom right to it.

Why? Countless times I’ve told my women psychotherapy clients, “because you can’t pour from an empty pitcher“. Women especially are prone to pour, pour, pour until they’re drained, then pour some more.

Join me. Let’s drink from the well the Lord has for us—and refill.

Cristine Eastin © 2013