Mundane Beauty


BirdMundane beauty is beauty in the everyday things. The birds in the birdbath inspired me this morning. They’re beautiful! Even, maybe especially, the plain little brown ones. They’re not just brown: they’re shades of brown and grey and tan.

The two men who walked by with their long-haired dachshund were a breath of sweetness—one old, one younger—immigrants from Pakistan or India, I think, at least the older one; he walks by several times a day and has that other-country look about him. We’ve said hello a couple times.

My cat snoring. Contented, rhythmic sounds.

Homemade peanut butter ice-cream—chilling in the refrigerator, to be churned in a couple hours.

Reading a good book. I take books for granted; I read all the time, and I have a constant source available to me at our library. (When I discovered the inter-library loan it was like Christmas!) I just finished Longbourn by Jo Baker, so I’m savoring having made the acquaintance of those characters.

What else? Mundane beauty.

Clouds. How could I forget clouds. A constant and ever-changing source of wonder. We have high and big windows in our living room; the clouds laze or race by in amazing shapes and colors. All day, every day! Well, except on cloudless days when I’m enjoying the sun.

And then there are the varmints—a family of thirteen-lined ground squirrels that live under our front sidewalk. We don’t want them there, tunneling under the walk, but they’re so cute. Yesterday the baby appeared for the first time. He’s no bigger than a dormouse.

Thank you, Lord, for everyday beauty.



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