Big Accomplishments—Little Ripples





I‘m a published author! Yes, that’s a big accomplishment, but really, it just made little ripples on the surface of the water.FiftyDaysToSunrise-02-kindle

Even our big deal accomplishments are but small ripples in God’s world.

Sure, I wanted to string a banner on my front porch: “It’s a book! 1 lb. 2 oz.!” But the misty eyes didn’t come till someone, and then someone else, told me they were blessed by the story.

Small ripples mean we’re moving, and moving means we’re getting somewhere, and getting somewhere means, hopefully, we’re open to letting God use us. That’s all I want to accomplish.


Sorry about the recent spam of my past blog posts. MailChimp was a mischievous monkey. It shouldn’t happen again.

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